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Vesalius Therapeutics

Pioneering the treatment of common illnesses


Now is the time

At Vesalius, we believe it’s time to take a fresh approach to treating the diseases that drive 90 percent of human illness, and that most people worry about. Our goal is to fundamentally realign the way we view, diagnose, and treat common illnesses and we believe we can do it.

Progress in treating some of society’s most devastating illnesses has not advanced as quickly as it could because our industry has not been defining the problem correctly.

Many of the common illnesses we aim to treat – such as heart failure, high blood pressure, type II diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, NASH, and obesity - have a single diagnosis. However, we now understand that these illnesses are not monolithic. They are a constellation of multiple genetically and biologically distinct diseases that affect patients differently.


A new lens on common illnesses


Our DIAMOND™ product-platform works like a prism, enabling us to discern previously unrecognized clinical patterns in groups of patients, link these patterns to the combined effects of different genes, and identify the genetic circuits driving disease. DIAMOND creates proprietary patient-derived, cell-based experimental models to screen and characterize drug candidates to restore these circuits to healthy functioning.


Our approach combines the power of human data, advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning, genetics and genomics information, and proprietary experimental models into a uniquely potent discovery engine.

Our Team

At Vesalius Therapeutics, we believe it is time to re-think and redefine how we treat common illnesses. Founded by Flagship Pioneering, we are building a company capable of doing it.

Our Leadership

Christopher P. Austin, MD
Christopher P. Austin, MD
Ben Munoz, PhD
Ben Munoz, PhD
SVP, Head of Drug Discovery
David Twomey
David Twomey

VP, Informatics and Data Science

Board of Directors

Doug Cole, MD
Doug Cole, MD

Managing Partner, Flagship Pioneering
Founder Vesalius

Christopher P. Austin, MD
Christopher P. Austin, MD

Scientific Advisory Board

  • Lee Rubin

    Professor of Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology, Harvard University, and Co-Director, Neuroscience Program, Harvard Stem Cell Institute

  • Paola Arlotta

    Chair, Department of Stem Cell & Regenerative Biology, Harvard University

  • Percy Carter

    Chief Scientific Officer, Blueprint Medicines

  • John A. Todd

    Director, Wellcome Centre for Human Genetics, University of Oxford

  • Wendy Chung

    Professor of Pediatrics in Medicine, Columbia University

  • Tanya Fischer

    Vice President, CNS Development, Alnylam Pharmaceuticals

  • Justin Ichida

    Associate Professor of Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine, University of Southern California


Join our team

Founded by Flagship Pioneering, Vesalius is taking a new approach to tackling common, illnesses. We are patient-focused at our core. We challenge assumptions and don’t accept the status quo.

While we’re pragmatic in our approach and rigorous in our science, we’re still thinking big. Our goal is both ambitious and straight forward: to advance treatments that address some of the most significant challenges in medicine. We believe we’re well on our way.

We’re assembling a world-class team of company builders, innovators, technologists, scientists, and clinicians.


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